University of Trento (UNITN)


WP 5 (Dynamic models and control)

The University of Trento is a young, medium-sized university which has always aimed at achieving and maintaining high quality standards in teaching and scientific research. The result is a wide range of excellent courses, supported by a high-level of scientific research, which in some areas achieved important confirmations at an international level. Different university ranking systems consistently put the university among the first Italian universities.

Connection with the internal research programmes and strategies

The Department of Mathematics aims at partially shifting the research focus more towards interdisciplinary areas, susceptible also of direct applications to society problems. In this spirit, the activities of the group on mathematical biology are certainly supported (within the limited budget available); actually the group has recently enlarged with the entry of researchers in the area of computational biology. Beyond the general statements of interest, the Department adheres to the general academic principle of research freedom, and thus there are no centralized research strategies.

Description of the research group working on the project

Andrea Pugliese

Within the Department of Mathematics, the group working on epidemic models and that will be involved in the present project consists at the moment of two full professors (Andrea Pugliese and Mimmo Iannelli), one post-doc fellow (working jointly with FBK), and one Ph.D. student.

The unit will be directed by Andrea Pugliese who is a well-known researcher in mathematical biology, concerning especially epidemic spread and control, with around 70 scientific publications. He is in the Board of Editors of two major journals in the field (Journal of Mathematical Biology and Journal of Biological Dynamics), has been part of the Scientific Committee or invited speaker in many international conferences, is President of the European Society for Mathematical Biology.

Mimmo Iannelli is very well-known in mathematical models in population dynamics and infectious diseases; in particular, he is one of the main experts in optimal control of epidemic models.